Statement of ambitions and life purpose scouter forum

I have served as an District Eagle Coach and have sat on hundreds of boards of review and read the Statements of Ambition for those Eagle candidates over the years. I can honestly say that all of them are very different.

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This is one of the funnest things for board members to read and it gives them insight to what kind of scout and person the candidate is. It is very obvious that some candidates have spent the minimum amount of time writing and thinking about what they put in that statement. Some are very thoughtful.

I remember one in particular had a statement that said he wanted to be the President of the United States. I thought, wow! What a bold statement from a 17 year-old. When he came in for the review, we asked him about it. He was very serious and we found out that he had plans to make that happen. You should think of your board of review like a job interview. You are trying to show the board that you are the right candidate for the job, which is attaining the rank of Eagle.

Your Statement of Ambitions should be a minimum of two pages. The first page should be a double-spaced typed letter of what you want to do with the rest of your life. This should be really easy for scouts to write. They all moan! I have seen scouts write as little as 2 sentences or as much as 3 pages. It should be pages. Also, you should use the spell checker on your computer and have your mom, dad, or scout leader proofread it to polish it up to look good before it is turned in with your paperwork.

This first page is where most scouts stop. That is only half of the requirement. It also says to include a list of any leadership positions you have held over your scouting time in anything. This includes school, band, church, work, anywhere! Also, you need to include any awards you received while serving in these leadership roles.Scouting is a big part of who I am and it will stay with me for as long as I live.

Through Scouting, I have learned the value of leadership, service, personal responsibility and preparation. With the guidance of my Scoutmaster, Mr.

Jim Stewart, I am very proud of the fact that I am the first member of my family to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. My project taught me that we are interdependent with our world environment and that working together as a community we can accomplish great things.

As citizens, we have a responsibility to be a positive force in conservation and environmental efforts.

statement of ambitions and life purpose scouter forum

Conservation has always been an integral part of the Boy Scout program and I am very proud that my project continued with that tradition.

Looking in the future, there are several paths I may take. In the short-term, I plan on staying involved in Scouting to continue developing my leadership skills and working toward the Silver Palm. As a high school sophomore, I am currently focused on my general studies and look forward to advanced placement classes. I feel that a thorough knowledge of leadership skills and a solid education will always serve me well. I will employ what I have learned in Scouting to my coming life.

Scouting is a dedication to community, nation and the world. I believe that what I know now and what I will learn in the future will make my approaching years productive and very enjoyable.

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Blog at WordPress. Add your thoughts hereBy andysmomDecember 2, in Advancement Resources. The last 3 years or so we have seen a dozen or so scouts earn their Eagle ranks with atleast 4 more coming up and 2 applications sitting on my desk ready to be delivered to council this afternoon.

Our SM is in his 2nd year, very passionate about the program. He pretty much lives and breathes scouting. Our CC is going into his 19th year, has a bit of an ego, demands to sit on every life and Eagle BOR, until recently was the only person who was "allowed" to check Eagle references, knows the program but is a bit old school in his thing.

His job requires that he travel quite alot which has lowed down some advancement since, as I said, he is the final check on everything and doesn't always respond to email. The new SM is very literal when looking at requirements and believes the interpretation of the statement of ambitions and life statement on the Eagle Scout application should be left up to the scout. He feels the important thing is not what the scout writes but how he acts and lives.

Our troop has about 29 boys. The SM is available for an hour before every meeting for help with advancement or SMC, as well as to have a place for boys working on merit badges, etc to meet. The CC doesn't know most of the younger scouts by name, he isn't at may meetings and doesn't make himself available for BOR for lower ranks.

He has been finding the Life Statements of our Eagle candidates "weak" and seems to want to impose some sort of standards. He expects the boys to show their "character" in the life statement. He has wanted to have some scouts re write them, something that the new SM is strongly opposed to.

I can't find anything regarding what should be included in the l9ife statement in the guide to advancement or on any national website. Don't expect a doctoral thesis, as seemingly your CC does these are teenagers we're talking about! Your SM is on the right track. There are no guidelines for this in the GTA. Sincerity, and a little bit of introspection.

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That sometimes may be tough for younger scouts. On the flip side, when it comes time to write essays for scholarships, etc I will talk with the district advancement chair, we see him fairly regularly.By andysmomDecember 2, in Advancement Resources. My older son's Eagle app was kicked back because he didn't include the statement. Apparently it had been recently added to the application it isn't list as an actual "requirement", although I understand that will change in the next edition of the BSHB.

I don't know when it was added, but it is currently mentioned only, and briefly, inside the BoR requirement:. Successfully complete an Eagle Scout board of review. In preparation for your board of review, prepare and attach to your Eagle Scout Rank Application a statement of your ambitions and life purpose and a listing of positions held in your religious institution, school, camp, community, or other organizations, during which you demonstrated leadership skills.

Include honors and awards received during this service. I asked the same question. The advice that I was given was that the "life purpose" was a statement of how I see my life and actions impacting others around me. I have the Scouts write an essay.

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Give them a clear format and tell them in advance the purpose of the essay is to make his BOR more valuable to him as a life counseling session rather than waste time asking background questions on awards. I tell the Scout:.

They have to answer 3 Questions in the essay: Who they were. Who they are. Who they think they want to be. Intro, Body is 3 paragraphs with one per question, conclusion and body could have a 4th paragraph if they want. Reflect on the past six years and then look forward 6 yrs 4 college and 2 post-college.

I instruct them they are NOT to sit at a keyboard to type it out. Take a yellow pad and lay on their bed or go to a park for an hour and reflect on how Scouting has impacted their life the past 6 years and how it may continue to do so for the next 6 years. They shouldn't start writing without first doing brainstorming and an outline - basically actually do what they have been taught to do by their HS English teachers for years but likely never do since they likely rush to get English essays done at the last minute.

I tell them to do it the right way since they are doing it for themselves and no one else. I asked if they have ever reflected before or not and this is the time to so; perhaps for the first time.

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Everything I do with Eagles for Advancement is Life Skill related and I ask them if they know what a "cover letter" is. Most don't and I informed them that college, scholarship, and job cover letters will come soon and they have to be free of errors so unlike the English papers they have written the past few years this is their first real attempt to be error free.

I then have the Scouts email me a "perfect" draft. I only review for 2 things - errors and whether or not it was written honestly from the heart or not. I want and encourage them to have the courage to make themselves vulnerable by being honest since our BORs never knock down Scouts at their Eagle BORs.

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How To Write An Eagle Scout Statement of Ambition & Life Purpose

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statement of ambitions and life purpose scouter forum

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I am listening to SBLM.An important part of becoming an Eagle Scout is writing a personal statement of your goals, ambitions and leadership skills.

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Your statement has to be included with your application to the Eagle Scout board of review. This should be an enjoyable and inspiring activity as you think about your life path so far and what you most want to do with your life.

You may be surprised one day to see how inspiring this statement can be, so make sure you save a copy for yourself. Begin your personal statement by describing what your ambitions are for the future and what you believe your purpose in life is. If you already know what you want your life to be about, this may be easy.

For others, it may seem like a difficult task.

statement of ambitions and life purpose scouter forum

Get advice from friends, family and teachers but when it comes time to write it down, it should be your ideas. Find a quiet place and give it some serious thought. Try writing a rough copy just for yourself, jotting down what comes to mind, and exploring what you want and don't want your life to be about.

Use the ideas you discover in the rough copy to create a good copy for submission.

statement of ambitions and life purpose scouter forum

After describing your life purpose and ambitions, list the positions you have had that demonstrate leadership skills. These may be positions you've had at school, church, summer camp or anywhere else. For example, if your teacher asked you to help a younger child with his reading, this could be something to include. If it's hard to remember, think about any time you did more than what was expected of you, when you took additional responsibilities or when you were able to help someone in need.

In addition to leadership positions, include any honors or awards you received. This doesn't have to be a separate section; add them when you describe your leadership positions. Like everything else in your personal statement, these should be the things that matter to you most. If you won first prize at the science fair, this may be something you want to include. If you spent an afternoon getting a lost dog to its rightful owner, you probably didn't get a trophy -- but perhaps the smile of gratitude was an honor to you just the same.

The Boy Scouts of America doesn't say how long a personal statement should be or how it should be written. It's important the statement is in your own words and it reflects an honest effort. If you don't think something is important, you don't have to include it. Spelling and grammar are important, so approach a personal statement as you would a school paper.This piece of writing, which must be submitted with your Eagle rank application, is called a Statement of Ambitions and Life Purpose!

How to Write an Eagle Scout Personal Statement

An Eagle Scout Statement of Ambitions and Life Purpose is a short essay, written by an Eagle Scout candidate, that describes their goals, values, and mindsets. Often, these statements are about words in length and are broken into 4 parts: Intro, short-term goals, long-term goals, and life purpose. While most Eagle Scouts myself at the time, included! What do you hope to give to the world?

Statement of Ambitions and Life Purpose

Where do you see yourself in 3 years? Plus, your Statement of Ambitions and Life Purpose is a great foundation upon which you can write an amazing Eagle Scout college application. Click the link for my ultimate guide to getting Eagle Scout college acceptances.

Kill two birds with one stone by using this statement to outline your thoughts for college and beyond! Trust me, my own Eagle Statement of Ambitions really set my sights in the right direction.

Not to fear! First, take a second to read through my example essay. Scouting has given me the core values and principles that I now carry with me through my life.

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These courses, though challenging, will hopefully help me expand my knowledge into areas that I may be interested in pursuing while at college. However, like earning Eagle, nothing worthwhile comes easy. I have not decided what studies to pursue in college, but I am leaning towards majoring in the chemistry field.

I want a comfortable salary, and the expertise to have my ideas be heard within the workforce. Growing up an only child, I always felt best whenever I was able to contribute to the people around me. Write them down ASAP! Try to think critically and come up with any answer. Doing this exercise will help you succeed in one of the most important areas of your life: knowing yourself.

Here is how I chose to tie in what I learned from Scouting:. Keeping it brief and to the point will likely be the most effective approach to completing your introduction.

When writing your intro, here are a few questions you could ask yourself:. This section can also be used to describe how to plan to achieve these goals. Success comes from making solid plans and then executing on them, so make sure you think about how to achieve your goals.

As such, a portion of this section should be dedicated to discussing your academics it could even be one sentence stating that you plan on finishing high school! This section focuses on your long-term plans after graduating from high school.

There are many avenues you could pursue after your graduation! Will you be going to a trade school? The military? Continuing your education by attending a four-year university or a community college? Heading straight to the workforce?

The possibilities are endless! Since in this section you can talk about your desired career, feel free to set a big, hairy, audacious goal I call this a BHAG. Setting a huge, motivating goal for your future can spur you into action and help you to accomplish anything!

With your BHAG in mind, here are a few questions to consider that can point you in the right direction when writing this section:. What do you really want out of life?