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One of the toughest things to do when it comes to completing a voluminous and challenging PhD research project is the proposal. The thing about the PhD research proposal is that you have to encapsulate everything that you want to accomplish, communicate in a concise way what you want to do, the resources that it will require, and finally you have to convince the reader of the viability and necessity of the project.

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Get your PhD research proposal without any hassle, contact us Now! The dynamics of hyperinflation and stabilization policies. The running of the country can be viewed commercially as a business enterprise by the economists.

philosophy doctoral research journal writing

The business needs to be run in equilibrium; a balance between supply and demand must be stricken if the entrepreneur or the owner of the enterprise is to enjoy any benefits accrued by running a business. In the case of a country, it should be governed in a way that that the prices of goods and services are kept in control.

The stakeholders must not let the prices escalate beyond the ability of a typical citizen.

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Similarly, the release of cash into the economy should be maintained so that the flow of money is monitored and controlled, hence preserving the value of that particular currency. This proposal will dig into inflation and find out how inflation has affected economies of a country, in particular, Zimbabwe and the ways to stabilize this condition.

The dynamics of hyperinflation will also be looked into in detail to bring out the real picture and the damages it causes to an economy.

The proposal will also focus on the causes of inflation in Zimbabwe and the how the theories of hyperinflation have applied in this context. The proposal will also look at the quantity theory of money and how it is associated with hyperinflation. Hyperinflation can be defined as a situation where the prices of goods and services escalate beyond control that the concept of inflation is an understatement. Countries in hyperinflation usually experience rapid erosion of the real value of local currency prompting the population to hold a relatively stable foreign currency.

Hyperinflation makes the prices of goods and services in an economy to rise rapidly since the value of the local currency loses the real value quickly. It should be observed that Zimbabwe was the only country that was experiencing hyperinflation and the first in the 21st century to have hyperinflation.The four required components are: — the writing of a scientific text which is published or is accepted for publication: this may be a book, a contribution to a book or a journal article ranking by VABB-HSW, ISI or ERIH Phil should be the level of aspiration with regard to publishing quality.

Students with an MPhil degree are exempted from this requirement. Although these supplementary activities are not obligatory, they are registered on your transcript after completion of the Doctoral Programme and can become part of your curriculum vitae. The supplementary activities fall under four domains: — attending doctoral seminars at the Institute of Philosophy or other faculties of KU Leuven, or at another university; — additional education.

Completion of the MPhil counts for part of the doctoral programme. The doctoral student prepares a doctoral dissertation and participates actively in the scientific research of the Institute.

The aim of the Doctoral Education Programme is to structure this participation and to certify it. Doctoral students record their own educational activities on a form and submit a progress report each year. The Doctoral Education Programme is completed when all the requirements are fulfilled and approved by the doctoral commission. The Institute provides within the MPhil programme an extensive number of doctoral seminars.

All the information about the content of the doctoral programme, admission requirements and the doctoral examination can be found in the doctoral programme regulations. Administrative procedures are explained on the webpage of the doctoral programme. I Help to Study Useful information for students.

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Please Wait!This is the research proposal I included in my applications to PhD programs in philosophy. It is also unfair that applicants with the right connections, for example, applicants who know students in top PhD programs, can get help with their proposals and thereby get an edge over those who lack such connections.

philosophy doctoral research journal writing

Hopefully my proposal being public can help those who are planning to apply to PhD programs in philosophy and level the playing field. For example, Rossp.

Similar ideas about bads have been discussed, for instance, that torture is worse than any amount of mild headaches. My main research question is, are there value superiorities? I plan to explore at least three aspects of this question: 1 the structure of value if there is superiority, 2 measurement of value in the case of superiority, and 3 sequence arguments and infinity. Tentatively, I expect to argue at least for the following: The structure of value is such that it can be indeterminate whether, for example, a good is superior to another, and this allows one to give convincing replies to challenges that have been made against superiority.

Regarding measurement, I expect to argue that vectors can represent value in the case of superiority better than Carlson argues. Which is the most plausible account of the structure of value if there is superiority, and is such an account plausible? Attempts have been made to spell out the structure of value superiority; to explain why there would be superiority and how a theory of value would look like if there is superiority.

Similarly, it can be indeterminate whether a good is superior to another. If this is correct, I hypothesize that it can be the basis for a convincing reply to the sequence argument against superiority that can be found in Arrhenius and Arrhenius and Rabinowiczas well as to the kind of spectra presented by Temin, Rachels and others, in which one is, for example, asked to contemplate gradually experiencing milder pain for longer durations. There are some publications on ideas similar to superiority that also deal with indeterminacy or vagueness Qizilbash ; Knapp ; Parfit ; Nebel forthcoming, sec.

In general, according to Dougherty forthcoming, sec. In one of my attached writings sample, which is work in progress, I have started investigating whether pointing to indeterminacy can amount to a convincing reply to sequence arguments.

philosophy doctoral research journal writing

My tentative hypothesis is that rather than bringing in theories of vagueness, such as supervaluationism, epistemicism and many-valued logic, one should, more directly, give an account of evaluative indeterminacy. One could introduce indeterminacy in such a model, as Rabinowicz mentions, by allowing for that it can be indeterminate whether it is permissible to have some preference, or that it is permissible to have indeterminate preferences c.

If there is evaluative indeterminacy, one probably wants to avoid that it has sharp boundaries, similar to how philosophers working on vagueness often want there to be no sharp boundary between colors that are red and those that are borderline red. Here, what we could call higher-order evaluative indeterminacy seems key. For example, the second order of such indeterminacy could say about value bearers a and b that it is indeterminate whether it is indeterminate whether it is permissible to prefer a to b.

I am not aware of any thorough philosophical work on such higher-order evaluative indeterminacy, although there is a literature on betterness and vagueness e. Which representations of value superiority are possible, and which operations, such as addition, do they allow?

Some work on superiority deals with how to measure and compute value if there is superiority. This work can be seen as supporting superiority because one may hold that it is an advantage of a theory of value if it allows for a stronger degree of measurement, for example, on a ratio scale rather than on an ordinal scale. Value can straightforwardly be represented by single reals if one assumes a form of superiority such as the one based on diminishing marginal value, but not if one assumes some other forms of superiority.

Attempts at solutions include Carlsonand Feitwho suggest representing value by lexical vectors or ordered pairs of real numbers, [6] and Klocksiemp. However, vector representation has been said to have problems and the suggestion to use hyperreals is not sufficiently developed.

Carlsonsec. One of his arguments is that vector representation does not work for weak superiority i.Skip to main content. Jump to navigation. The graduate program in philosophy at Harvard offers students the opportunity to work and to develop their ideas in a stimulating and supportive community of fellow doctoral students, faculty members, and visiting scholars. Among the special strengths of the department are moral and political philosophy, aesthetics, epistemology, philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, the history of analytic philosophy, ancient philosophy, Kant, and Wittgenstein.

The typical entering class ranges from five to eight students. This small size helps foster a sense of community among doctoral students and ensures that they have substantial access to and interaction with their faculty colleagues. The AM may be taken as a step toward the PhD after a minimum of two terms in residence. A candidate for the AM must satisfy the preliminary, distribution, and logic requirements for the PhD; however, the preliminary requirement is reduced to ten half-courses, and only seven of the eight distribution units are required for the AM.

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In addition, the second-year paper requirement must be satisfied. There is no language requirement for the AM. The department requires that applicants have obtained a solid undergraduate background in philosophy, indicating that they have a good grounding in the history of philosophy, as well as familiarity with contemporary work in ethics, epistemology and metaphysics, and logic.

Scope: The sample must address a substantial philosophical problem, whether it is an evaluation or presentation of an argument, or a serious attempt to interpret a difficult text. Length: In general, the writing sample should be at least 12 to 15 pages long, but no more than 40 pages; a rough maximum length would be about 25 pages.

The admissions committee generally does not have time to read papers longer than this. Format: The writing sample should be submitted in electronic format, formatted for 8. The Department of Philosophy receives nearly applications each year.

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We ordinarily expect an entering class of five to eight doctoral students. Although the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of offers the department can make, we invite all who would like to study philosophy at Harvard to apply. Admissions Requirements Background in Philosophy The department requires that applicants have obtained a solid undergraduate background in philosophy, indicating that they have a good grounding in the history of philosophy, as well as familiarity with contemporary work in ethics, epistemology and metaphysics, and logic.

Writing Sample A writing sample must be submitted with the online application. Philosophy Faculty See list of Philosophy faculty.Research philosophy is a vast topic and here we will not be discussing this topic in great details. Discussion of research philosophy in your dissertation should include the following:. Research philosophy deals with the source, nature and development of knowledge [1]. In simple terms, a research philosophy is belief about the ways in which data about a phenomenon should be collected, analysed and used.

Although the idea of knowledge creation may appear to be profound, you are engaged in knowledge creation as part of completing your dissertation. You will collect secondary and primary data and engage in data analysis to answer the research question and this answer marks the creation of new knowledge.

In essence, addressing research philosophy in your dissertation involves being aware and formulating your beliefs and assumptions. Each stage of the research process is based on assumptions about the sources and the nature of knowledge. Generally, research philosophy has many branches related to a wide range of disciplines. Within the scope of business studies in particular there are four main research philosophies:. The choice of a specific research philosophy is impacted by practical implications.

philosophy doctoral research journal writing

There are important philosophical differences between studies that focus on facts and numbers such as an analysis of the impact of foreign direct investment on the level of GDP growth and qualitative studies such as an analysis of leadership style on employee motivation in organizations. The choice between positivist and interpretivist research philosophies or between quantitative and qualitative research methods has traditionally represented a major point of debate.

However, the latest developments in the practice of conducting studies have increased the popularity of pragmatism and realism philosophies as well. Moreover, as it is illustrated in table below, there are popular data collection methods associated with each research philosophy.

Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal

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Ku leuven philosophy phd dissertation

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