Marketing mix place distribution strategies llc nj reviews

The last element of the marketing mix is the place. Also called placement or distributionthis is the process and methods used to bring the product or service to the consumer.

In the marketing mix, the process of moving products from the producer to the intended user is called place. In other words, it is how your product is bought and where it is bought. This movement could be through a combination of intermediaries such as distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

In addition, a newer method is the internet which itself is a marketplace now. Through the use of the right place, a company can increase sales and maintain these over a longer period of time. In turn, this would mean a greater share of the market and increased revenues and profits.

Correct placement is a vital activity that is focused on reaching the right target audience at the right time. It focuses on where the business is located, where the target market is placed, how best to connect these two, how to store goods in the interim and how to eventually transport them.

A distribution channel can be defined as the activities and processes required to move a product from the producer to the consumer. Also included in the channel are the intermediaries that are involved in this movement in any capacity. These intermediaries are third party companies that act as wholesalers, transporters, retailers and provide warehouse facilities.

marketing mix place distribution strategies llc nj reviews

In this channel, the manufacturer directly provides the product to the consumer. In this instance, the business may own all elements of its distribution channel or sell through a specific retail location.

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Internet sales and one on one meetings are also ways to sell directly to the consumer. One benefit of this method is that the company has complete control over the product, its image at all stages and the user experience. In this channel, a company will use an intermediary to sell a product to the consumer.

The company may sell to a wholesaler who further distributes to retail outlets. This may raise product costs since each intermediary will get their percentage of the profits. This channel may become necessary for large producers who sell through hundreds of small retailers. In this type of channel, a company may use a combination of direct and indirect selling. The product may be sold directly to a consumer, while in other cases it may be sold through intermediaries. This type of channel may help reach more consumers but there may be the danger of channel conflict.

The user experience may vary and an inconsistent image for the product and a related service may begin to take hold. The last, most non tradition channel allows for the consumer to send a product to the producer.The current market conditions for any goods or commodities have shaped up to be a global one.

And for this particular reason brands are constantly trying to broaden their target markets. Distribution strategy is a comprehensive process of making products and services available to businesses and target customers for their use. Brands have strategized their distribution channels since time immemorial. Be it through finding river routes in the Middle Ages or cheap cargo flights in the 21 st century, minimizing distribution costs have been one of the prime targets of a distribution strategy.

So in essence, a good distribution strategy should have the following objectives. In this article we are going to discuss the various distribution strategies that brands across the world are adopting to ensure that they can meet the rising demands of the current market. The process necessarily entails transporting the product from the manufacturer to the consumer. And while it may sound straightforward, modern distribution strategies can be quite elaborate in order to reduce costs and maximize profits.

marketing mix place distribution strategies llc nj reviews

Direct distribution is exactly what it sounds like, the manufacturer directly selling to the consumer. It may include a selling platform such as an e-commerce store, but as long as the length of the distribution channel is minimal the process will be considered as a direct distribution process. Modern retail brands are also examples of direct distribution channels.

These brands prefer to have single channel manufacturers and set up their own shop to sell their products. Clothing brands, fast-food brands, etc. When the chain of distribution channel is long and includes various steps, the process is considered to be indirect distribution. Brands such as Pepsi or Nestle are great examples of indirect distribution. These brands use multiple distribution channels that include various distributors and retailers to make their products available across the entire world.

Sometimes the categorization of distribution strategies is not simply based on the size of the distribution channel, but also its goals and capabilities. One such strategy is intensive distribution. This is when a brand tries to push its products to maximum market capabilities and cover as much ground as possible. Household goods or automobile brands use intensive distribution strategy to ensure that their products are being catered to the most number of consumers possible.

Such a strategy can include a long distribution channel or a short one, depending on the needs of the target marke t. A brand need not always push itself on its target market.

There are various brands that have such high brand value that having exclusive region-based showrooms serve their purpose better. Let us take Mercedes for example. This brand does not try to have an outlet in every city, but only in certain major cities.

This is an example of exclusive distribution strategy. Such strategies are mostly used to ensure that the brand value maintains a certain standard even though the consumer base becomes smaller. Exclusive distribution strategies are used by brands like Luis Vuitton Stores with high-end products and also ones that target the upper economic classes.

There are brands that try to place themselves on every street corner, and then there are brands that have a selected number of outlets in every city.The marketing mix place strategy is about how an organisation will distribute their product or service to the end user.

The organisation must distribute the product to the user at the right place at the right time. Efficient and effective distribution is important if the organisation is to meet its overall marketing objectives.

If an organisation underestimates demand, profitability will be affected. The diagram below explains the two distribution channels and the parties involved in the distribution chain. There are two channels of distribution available to firms.

Direct distribution and indirect distribution.

marketing mix place distribution strategies llc nj reviews

Indirect distribution involves distributing your product by the use of an intermediary for example a manufacturer selling to a wholesaler and then on to the retailer. Direct Distribution Direct distribution involves distributing direct from the manufacturer to the consumer For example Dell Computers providing directly to its target customers.

The advantage of direct distribution is that it gives a manufacturer complete control over their product. Manufacturer: Person, group or firm that makes the product. Wholesaler: The party that buys large quantities of a product from manufacturers and sells it to retailers.

Wholesalers sell goods to other businesses, they do not sell directly to consumers. Retailers: The organisation that sells products directly to consumers and end users. As they are selling to consumers for personal use, the goods are usually sold in small quantities. If a manufacturer decides to adopt an exclusive or selective distribution strategy they should select reputable intermediaries, experienced in distributing similar products and an intermediary known to the target audience.

Marketing Mix Place and Distribution strategy is about how effectively a firm gets its product to consumers and end users. Firms can sells their products directly to the consumer direct distribution or through intermediaries indirect distributions. The best marketing mix place method will depend on the product needing to be distributed and the "wants and needs" of the firm's customers. Welcome to LearnMarketing. Place and Distribution Intermediaries Defined Manufacturer: Person, group or firm that makes the product.

Place and Distribution Strategies The three most common distribution strategies are discussed below Intensive Distribution: Used commonly to distribute low priced products or impulse purchases. For example snacks such as chocolates, soft drinks and crisps Exclusive distribution: Involves limiting distribution to a single outlet.

The product is usually highly priced, and requires the intermediary to place much detail in its sell. An example of would be the sale of vehicles through exclusive dealers.

Selective Distribution: A small number of retail outlets are chosen to distribute the product. Selective distribution is common with products such as computers, televisions household appliances, where consumers are willing to shop around and where manufacturers want a large geographical spread.Facebook Inc. A marketing mix is the combination of strategies and tactics that an organization employs to succeed with its marketing plan, with focus on the variables of Product, Place, Promotion, and Price the 4Ps.

Snapchatand Amazon. Associated strategic management in marketing must support business development while addressing target market demands and concerns.

Facebook Inc.’s Marketing Mix (4Ps) Analysis

The marketing mix 4Ps of Facebook Inc. For example, the business uses advanced Internet technologies in its products to efficiently deliver its services in the global social media and digital advertising industry. The strategies and tactics contained in this marketing mix shows that Facebook could benefit from broadening its online advertising services, and from increasing the market penetration of its social networking website and mobile apps.

marketing mix place distribution strategies llc nj reviews

Market penetration complements Facebook Inc. This component of the marketing mix identifies the organizational outputs that the company offers to its target market. The following are the main products of the company:. Among the 4Ps, the product element has major influence on how the business groups its human resources and corresponding operations. For example, each product category has a dedicated group of employees for operations and development. As an online business, the company is known for social media services available through its Facebook social networking website and mobile app.

The Messenger instant messaging service is now separate from the main Facebook service. In addition, the company manages and operates Instagram another social media service and WhatsApp an instant messaging service.

Also, the company acquired Oculus VR, which is a virtual reality technology business. These products attract users on the basis of their social nature, communication effectiveness, and technological advancement. The corporation uses the popularity of its social media services as a foundation for its display advertising service.

The success of these products hinges on market opportunities and the business strengths enumerated in the SWOT analysis of Facebook Inc. As an online technology business, Facebook Inc. This component of the marketing mix determines the venues where the company offers its products. In this case, these places are as follows:.

For example, users can access accounts through a browser or through a corresponding mobile app. Based on this component of the marketing mix, Facebook Inc. Facebook promotes its social media services to gain more users for a larger membership base. For example, the firm directly recommends advertising campaigns to Facebook page owners, such as businesses and other organizations.

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This tactic involves showing samples of display advertisements to page owners to persuade them to pay for advertisements on the social media website and mobile apps. Facebook employs a combination of pricing strategies. The company uses the following pricing strategies for its online display advertising service:. In using the market-oriented pricing strategy, Facebook Inc. On the other hand, in using the pay-what-you-want pricing strategy, Facebook Inc.

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Marketing Mix | Place in Four P’s

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We are looking to advertse on facebook. This list has given me some great tips and ideas going forward. Great insights, refreshing read. In this post, we'll be covering. Page Likes are a safe place to start in Facebook marketing. Promote a deal to Facebook users with Facebook Offers 4.

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